New Build Travertine Clean for Construction Company

Details below of a newly laid Travertine Honed & Filled floor in Aylesbury that needed stripping and re-sealing. The work was done at the request of a building company who had just completed a pair of semi-detached houses laid with Travertine tiles on the ground floor. Unfortunately the tiling contractor had failed to clean the tile surface properly before sealing and had trapped particles of dust and debris into the sealer, as a result the whole floor was as rough as sandpaper and needed to be stripped and re-sealed prior to their clients moving in the following week.

Travertine Floor Aylesbury Before

Cleaning Travertine Tile

To remove the existing sealer and to polish the stone we used the Tile Doctor diamond burnishing system. This involves burnishing the floor with diamond encrusted pads fitted to a heavy rotary machine, the system consists of a set of four seventeen inch coloured pads and you work your way through the pads from red (sealer removal) through to green (final polishing). This work returned the stone to its original condition ready for sealing.

Travertine Floor Aylesbury After

Sealing Travertine Tile

We sealed the floor with three coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow which provides excellent stain protection whilst enhancing the natural colours in the stone. The building company was pleased that we had managed to resolve the problem before the owners moved in as it had avoided an embarrassing situation for them. Interestingly we have since completed three other jobs with this same type of problem.
Source: New Build Travertine Tile Cleaning in Buckinghamshire

The Lexicon Building, Manchester

Great Testimonial here from the Building Manager at the Lexicon in Manchester. The job completed by Steve Keary involved refreshing Porcelain and Travertine floors along with Grout in communal areas.

“Steve came to The Lexicon with Risk Assessments and Method Statements and worked on a Permit to Work with regards to approximately 500 persons working within the building. He liaised with myself and the tenants and was highly praised by them. Steve is very professional and friendly and his time keeping impeccable. The standard of work achieved is excellent, I highly recommend him. Jack Standley, Building Manager, The Lexicon, Manchester.”