Anti Slip for Tile at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield

Anti Slip Tile Treatment for the Main Entrance at the Millennium Galleries in Sheffield Millennium Galleries Entrance Sheffield

The Millennium Galleries opened in 2001, is one of four Sheffield museums which collectively have over a million visitors every year. The museum hosts a number of Events and Exhibitions including permanent collections from Victorian writer John Ruskin and Metalwork, Sheffield being world famous for its metalworking past.

The museum buildings manager was concerned about slipping on the floor tiles in the main entrance lobby covering approx 144m2, the tiles are of a high gloss porcelain variety which are by their nature slippery when wet. We gladly responded to the request and applied the Tile Doctor Anti-Slip treatment to a small area so they could see for themselves how effective the treatment is. The solution we use is not an Anti Slip coating but an invisible treatment which only becomes active when wet. The management team soon came back with a positive response and gave us the green light to complete the remainder of the floor.

Millennium Galleries main entrance showing application of Tile Doctor Anti Slip

Millennium Galleries, Sheffield and Tile Doctor Anti Slip

Before applying the Anti Slip treatment we cleaned the floor using Anti-slip Pre-cleaner diluted 1 part cleaner to 4 parts water, this was applied using a slow speed buffing machine fitted with a black buffing pad and then the floor was rinsed with water and left to dry for 30 minutes.

Once dry the Anit-slip solution was applied neat using a pump action spray, this was then worked into the tiles using a deck brush taking care to avoid splashing any exposed metalwork or glass. After 4 to 5 minutes the Lock-in solution was applied again diluted 1 part solution to 4 parts water and applied directly on top of the Anti-slip solution, this was worked into the tile using a black buffing pad. We used a low speed Victor Trojan Buffing machine to do this, the low speed reduces splashing.

Millennium Galleries Floor Treated with Anti Sip

Millennium Galleries Floor Treated with Anti Sip treatment

The last step was to polish the floor with a white buffing pad and wash down with clean water to neutralise any remaining anti slip solution which was then removed with a Wet and Dry Vacuum.

The building manager was very happy with results and left the following message: The anti-slip treatment provided by the Tile Doctor is proving a complete success. The floor area treated which was rapidly resembling skating area where on wet days upwards of 75 people suffered slips has been transformed to a pedestrian friendly surface

Anti Slip Tile Treatment at the Millennium Galleries, Sheffield

3M and Surefoot Anti Slip

2012 Tile Doctor Conference Delegates Group Photo

2012 Tile Doctor Conference Delegates Group Photo

Tile Doctor announced two new strategic partnerships at its Conference on the 21st of April. One of these is a tie up with supplier 3M who supply a wide range of products from Buffing and Burnishing pads through to their respected Scotchgard Stone Floor Protector which provides a very durable very hard, glossy, dust repellent, chemical resistant and watertight surface. It provides up to 12 months protection and is ideal for high traffic areas. Below is a video from the Contacts Manager at Manchester Airport who highly recommends the product.

The second partnership announced at the Conference was with Anti-Slip specialist SureFoot Sytems and Karl Ward from Surefoot was at the Conference to discuss the problem of which accounts for half of all reported injuries suffered by members of the public. Karl revealed some interesting statistics including the fact that according to research by the Health and Safety Executive more than 90% of slip accidents happened on wet floors with smooth surfaces and that there were nearly 11,000 major injuries of this nature last year and that Slips and Trips account for 36% of the total of major injuries in the workplace. Tile Doctors are specialist maintainers of Tile and Stone polished floors and this was a subject of major interest to the delegates.

Karl Ward from SureFoot Systems at the 2012 Tile Doctor Conference

Karl Ward from SureFoot Systems

The SureFoot Anti Slip and 3M product ranges and product training will soon be made available to Tile Doctors.


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