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Renovating Office Stone Floor Stained by Delivery Spillage in Sheffield

We were called in by a hygiene supplies company after one of their delivery drivers had delivered some hand wash to one of their clients in Norton, Sheffield and unfortunately during delivery one of the bottles had leaked all over this York Stone floor. It had caused some staining and removed some of the sealant, so the floor now required a complete deep clean and seal.

Office Yorkstone Floor Before Cleaning Norton Sheffield

The modern building in the Yorkshire Hills close to Sheffield is the headquarters of a Bar & Pub dispensing equipment suppliers and the York Stone runs right throughout the main reception area. As it is the first impression for visitors, it was important that the floor was cleaned and restored and obviously the company were keen to put right their drivers’ accident. After visiting the property to survey the floor we arranged to carry the work out over a weekend while the employees were out of the way and no clients would be visiting.

Cleaning a Yorkstone Office Floor in Sheffield

Firstly, we protected the skirting boards, carpets and adjoining rooms so any splashes from cleaning would not damage or stain anything. Then we set about applying Tile Doctor Pro Clean diluted 1:5 with water. This was left to soak into the stone for ten minutes to lift the grime, dirt and previous sealer out of the stone. Once it had been given time to soak in the solution was scrubbed into the stone with a 40kg weighted floor buffer fitted with a 17in black scrubbing pad running at medium speed. Immediately you could see a huge change in the appearance of the stone as the natural colours of the stone were revealed.

Office Yorkstone Floor During Cleaning Norton Sheffield

When one area had been scrubbed, we vacuumed up the resulting slurry and gave the floor a thorough rinse with fresh water. The rinsed water was also extracted with the wet vacuum before moving onto another area of floor. It took a full day to clean the whole floor and then we left it to dry off fully overnight.

Office Yorkstone Floor During Rinsing Norton Sheffield

Sealing a Yorkstone Office Floor in Sheffield

We returned the following morning, the floor was checked with the damp meter to ensure it was dry enough, it was within the correct parameters, so we were good to go ahead and apply the seal.

Office Yorkstone Floor After Cleaning Damp Test Norton Sheffield

The floor was given two coats of Tile Doctor Colour Grow; this is an impregnating sealer that seeps into the pores of the stone, intensifying the natural colours in the stone whilst providing the durable surface protection needed for such a high traffic area. Each coat is left to dry before applying the next.

Office Yorkstone Floor After Cleaning Norton Sheffield Office Yorkstone Floor After Sealing Norton Sheffield

Once complete the floor looked much cleaner, the colours in the stone were much more evident and any evidence of the staining was gone. The new sealer is set to keep the floor protected from ingrained dirt for some time to come. The owners of the company were over the moon, and the driver was relieved too, as you can see from the pictures the change was dramatic. In fact, the feedback I got from the customer was.

“What a transformation!!!”

Office Yorkstone Floor After Sealing Water Test Norton Sheffield


Source: Yorkstone Tile Cleaning and Sealing Service in Sheffield, South Yorkshire

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